Geek Technologies is the fast growing professional services company, providing a wide range of services, solutions & platforms in technology, product management, strategy & consulting. We help businesses achieve their vision through sustainable solutions and scalable technologies. We design, develop and implement latest technology solutions to improve agility, productivity and outcome. We enable our client to become high growth business through application of philosophy, strategy, innovation.


We believe in transformation of businesses, teams, individuals, and ultimately society to play their strengths using innovative application of Strategies, Design thinking & Technologies so they accomplish their goal of fulfilling & sustainable living.

We focus on simple & practical application of time tested, proven knowledge received through inheritance of Indian ancient wisdom, philosophies, principles, values of the oldest civilization on this earth.

We believe in putting planet along the line of people and profit so there is harmonious co-existence of nature & living entities.


  • We wish to establish & deliver the ‘Quality’ as primary benchmark of the value along with price and timeline.
  • We keep our “Special Focus” on SME sector and we are committed to “Make In India” program.
  • We support global clients who put Planet before People and Profit.

Core values

  • Trust and Transparency for stronger relationship
  • Planet before people and profit
  • Respect Time, Quality, Experience


In order to raise bar of our competitiveness and differentiation, we invest in

  • Nurture talent with attitude not just experience and skills
  • Adopt & Advocate Planet friendly & sustainable technologies
  • Partner for synergies on win-win engagements